Please find below, various tools and accessories for you to use. We hope you find it useful.
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Stamp Duty Land Tax on Lease Transactions Calculator
This calculator provides the amount of liability of stamp duty land tax on lease transactions.


Office Space Calculator
Use this tool to estimate the space requirements you need, enter the number of each area you require.

Reception areas
Visitor seating only:
Receptionist and 4 visitor seating:
Receptionist and 8 visitor seating:
Prestigeous reception with 6 visitor seats:
Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms for 5 people:
Meeting rooms for 5-10 people:
Meeting rooms for 10-16 people:
Managing Directors / Chairman's Office:
Senior Partner's / Director's Office:
Offices for 2 people:
Single person office:
Open plan office users (enter number of people)
Open plan configuration - minimum:
Open plan configuration - conservative:
Open plan configuration - spacious:
Tea Point and Kitchen Facilities
Teapoint and rest area (4 chairs and table):
Kitchen and rest area (10 chairs and tables):
Ancillaries Area
Storage / Cloakroom / File room:
Small Library / Reference Area:
IT or Comms Room:
Stationery and Copying Area:
Mailing Room: